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About Deck Builders Kansas City

We want our customers to get exactly what they want and it is for this reason that we always allow you the opportunity to change your mind before work begins. It can often take several revisions before everyone is completely satisfied with their deck’s design, though sometimes you simply need a fresh set of eyes to remove any doubts about your project.

Please be assured that no decision will ever be made until there has been ample time allowed for all parties involved in the discussion to offer ideas on how to best achieve the desired result. We understand every individual is different so there are frequently multiple ways to reach everyone’s goals when designing decks.




In order for us to create an amazing deck that fits your budget, it is very important that we learn about all of your needs and desires before quoting a price. Building a deck involves a significant monetary investment and can often be more expensive than buying a car or even the first year of college for your child. We realize this and want to guide you through the entire process.

We can offer an initial price range for an idea so that there is at least something in writing to work with when designing your deck. Each project is unique, but if we are given the basic parameters of your budget and size constraints, we can provide you with some higher end pricing based on our knowledge of what average decks cost in your area. The high-end price will be an estimated figure since every single site has different features including trees or elevation that determine the cost.

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