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Are you thinking about having a fence built in your yard, but you are worried about the expense? A new fence can increase the value of your home by as much as 11%. Not only that, but it will give you privacy and security. Are you looking for a option different than chain link? The following are just some of the reasons why you should have Kansas City Deck Builders install a fence on your property.

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Benefits of Fences


Fences can give you that much-needed sense of privacy, especially if your Kansas City neighbors are close by or if you live in an apartment complex. This is also great for families with small children to ensure their safety.


Some fences like chain links and wrought iron can keep your pets safe inside the area. You can also use fencing as a barrier to prevent your dog from escaping or getting into other areas where they’re not allowed.


One of the main reasons why you should have a fence is to keep your pets and livestock in. For families with pets and young children, it can be dangerous if they’re able to get into areas like the pool or yard without supervision.

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Fencing Materials

Your family’s reasons for building a fence will affect the type of materials that it can be built from. Our company can help you choose the perfect fit. Some will want it for security while other may want for design or beauty. There are several material combinations for gates and fences. Mixing materials can give a unique ornamental look to your residential or commercial design. Here are some options to consider:

Kansas City Fence Company


This is the most attractive option for a large number of homeowners, but it will require regular upkeep and maintenance to stay in good condition.

Aluminum fencing

This is another common choice because of its durability. It won’t rust or corrode, and it’s also extremely lightweight which makes it easy to install without causing any damage to the land beneath.

Iron fencing

This is another option that homeowners are increasingly choosing over wood. This is because it won’t rot and does not require any regular maintenance. Ornamental steel fence will add style.


This option has all the benefits of stone construction, which is extremely durable and sturdy. It doesn’t offer much privacy, though, as people can see over a stone wall. Installation is longer.

Chain Link

Chain link won’t add any value to your Kansas City’s home, but its strength comes from being resistant to corrosion and rusting. Chain link fence is common for general use.


This is a popular option because it doesn’t require much upkeep and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s also one of the cost efficient options for materials and vinyl fence ornamental.

Whatever your reason when need a fence contractor, be sure to contact our professional team to give you a free consultation. We have the best experienced and trustworthy contracting team that can install any fence, concrete patios or outdoor patio kitchens that you need increasing the value of your property.

Privacy Fence Contractors

You can increase your property value with a professionally installed privacy fences that will offer you the security to your Kansas City home that you desire. Fence companies offer wide styles and materials to work with. Our vinyl privacy fence is the perfect choice if you live in an area that has extreme weather conditions. Vinyl material can withstand both extreme heat and cold, as well as rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind. It is made of 100% vinyl, which makes it one of the most durable fencing materials for your Kansas City area property. Steel fence commercial application typically can come as a sheet or perforated. Steel offers durability as well as privacy. Steel is a good choice for the city. 

As a KC fence company our attention to detail and expertise in this field has allowed us to become a well-known choice among homeowners looking for creative solutions involving fencing. Our company specializes in both residential and commercial properties makes us the perfect fence company. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You should collect multiple review sites for ideas then for an estimate on your project start with our contact form.

Wood Fence Installation

We offer a large selection of treated wood fences and fencing products that can provide you with the privacy and protection you need. Installation time will vary with the types. Contact us through our email form. Here are a few of our wood fence types.

Picket Fence

Picket fence offers a classic traditional look that can add value and curb appeal to your property. Our picket material is affordable yet visibly appealing, giving you a great return on investment. This type of fencing is perfect for smaller yards that need.


Arbors create an entryway to your property with arbor. Arbors come in several styles, materials, and designs all of which can add value to your home or company if placed correctly.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fence is great option for a Kansas City country-style home. This fencing provides a rustic and natural look while maintaining privacy.

A Frame Fence

A frame fence is a variation of the traditional picket fence. Its space-saving design makes it suitable for smaller yards with limited space, while also preventing privacy issues in your property.

Aluminum Fence Company

Aluminum is another option that our customers choose for a fencing alternative. It comes in a variety of different designs that gives you the privacy you want without being too obstructive or taking away from your property’s appearance. When installed properly, it is extremely secure and can withstand major weather conditions all year long. Fence installation is a little more complicated with additional labor. 

Why should you choose over a wood fence? Here are a few reasons: 

Variety – there is a wide selection of styles, grades, and cap options available. 

Maintenance – low maintenance; no painting or staining needed, which makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle or commitment that wood requires. The panels come with a lifetime guarantee against rot and corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about any major problems occurring. 

Security – pickets that are 1/2″ thick and solid gates, making it virtually impassable to unwanted strangers.

Value – perfect for residential or business owners who need a long-lasting fencing solution, however, it is more expensive than a wood fence.

Strength – it is also stronger than wood or vinyl and can increase the value of your property. 

Depending on where your home is located  you may want to consider an aluminum fence for your needs. If you are looking for the most durable fencing on the market, then this style is the way to go. It will not rust or rot, making it last a lifetime if properly maintained. Contact our office today to have a professional fence company help you choose the right fencing for your property.


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